What is a Writing Coach?

While writing is often a solitary task, it requires a community to do it well. Whether you need encouragement, inspiration, feedback, direction, or instruction we’re here to help you reach your goals.

A writing coach helps you organize, focus, prioritize, and succeed. Your coach will use proven strategies to help you identify and reach each milestone along the path toward your writing objectives.

Meet The Coaches

Teresa Janzen, M.Ed.

Teresa Janzen has had a lifelong preoccupation with words—written and spoken. She is passionate about helping Christian communicators find their message and their voice.

Teresa is a certified P.O.W.E.R. Speaker, award-winning author, host of the Radical Abundance podcast and YouTube channel, and adjunct English professor. Teresa also serves as a mentor to online writing group presidents for Word Weavers International and a mastermind group facilitator for the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association.

Teresa can help you learn to create an income with your writing, carve out more writing time in your schedule, and craft a message that impacts your reader. She has expertise in devotional writing, narrative non-fiction, memoir, technical writing, and Bible studies.

Ann Griffiths

Ann Griffiths has strong leadership insight and a passion to impact future generations. Her calm demeanor and focused drive motivate others to look deep into their own lives, draw out their God-given gifts and abilities, and recognize their profound influence.

Ann is an award-winning author and international speaker. She has extensive experience as a coach/mentor, entrepreneur, corporate executive, and ministry leader. She is currently Ministry Director at her church, serves on community boards, and is both a Certified Professional Coach and Registered Corporate Coach.

Ann thrives on helping you accomplish your writing vision and goals so you can fulfill all God intended for you.

Rev. Jenn Dafoe-Turner

Jenn loves a great story. She can help make your story great too. “When people share their stories, it gives others hope and creates a place of healing and growth.”

Our stories are not always easy to share. Jenn helps you find the elements of your story that will engage and impact your audience. With a keen sense of knowing which questions to ask, Jenn will journey with you to see your story reach those who need to hear it.

Jenn is a pastor, author, international speaker, Strength Finders Coach, member of the Advanced Writers and Speaker Association, SYMBIS Premarital Counselor, founder of Writing Buddies, and graduate of She Writes for Him Boot Camp.

Grow in Community

God’s given you a message, and we want to help you share it effectively.

Tell us what you want to accomplish and a little about your availability. We will email you with your choices of available coaches and give instructions for scheduling.

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