Christian Creative Symposium

January 5 – 7, 2023

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An online conference for Christian creatives–designed for the way God wired you!

God was the first creator and He made you in His image. Cultivate: Christian Creative Symposium is all about cultivating your skills, inspiration, and message to glorify God and reach more people.

Write – Speak – Create

More than twenty sessions designed for writers, speakers, artists, musicians, digital creators, and more:

  • Creativity in Ministry
  • Marketing for Creatives
  • Building your Platform
  • Writing for the Mainstream Market
  • Tools to Trigger Inspiration
  • Why Creatives should be on Podcasts
  • and so much more!

Schedule of Live Events:

All times are Eastern Standard Time.

Access to recorded sessions will be emailed at the beginning of the conference and available for one week. ALL-Access Pass holders will have continued access to the recorded sessions plus access to recordings of live sessions.

Thursday, January 5, 7 pm – 10 pm EST

                7:00 pm Opening Session

                7:15 pm Keynote Address: Robyn Dykstra

                7:45 pm Live Teaching Session with Application and Networking Groups

                8:45 pm Closing Session

                *9:00 pm Night Owl Networking Session for All Access Pass Holders

Friday, January 6, 7 pm – 10 pm EST

                7:00 pm Opening Session

                7:15 pm Keynote Address: Ruth Coghill

                7:45 pm Live Teaching Session with Application and Networking Groups

                8:45 pm Closing Session

                *9:00 pm Night Owl Networking Session for All Access Pass Holders

Saturday, January 7, 12 pm – 4 pm EST

                12:00 pm Opening Session

                12:15 pm Special Session with Dr. Sabrina Black

                12:45 Live Teaching Session with Application and Networking Groups

                1:45 Live Speaker Panel Q&A

                2:30 pm Closing Session:

*3:00 Group Work Session for All Access Pass Holders. A time dedicated to goal setting and applying what you’ve learned.

Live Keynote Speakers Include:

Special Guest Presentation from:

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Workshop Session Descriptions

Marketing for Gummies: What Writers Can Learn from a Candymaker by Becky Antkowiak

Can one person really make a difference? Kids around the world know and love Gummy Bears (and other sorts of gummies) thanks to one man with a copper pot

Becky Antkowiak
Prayer: Retreat to Advance by Kathy Bruins

Do you need a retreat? Most of us do this at some point for many reasons such as becoming refreshed, planning, spending time with friends, etc. This presentation will walk you through multiple exercises where prayer is the main tool used. Why? Because to ready yourself for anything in life, connecting with God through prayer will make you ready to advance in the Spirit where you will truly learn that nothing is impossible with God

Kathy Bruins
Releasing Creativity: Restoring a Broken Imagination by Patricia Butler

As creative writers, speakers, and artists, we depend on our imagination. We need it to be healthy, agile, and fully functional at a moment’s notice. What do we do when our imaginations are exhausted, overworked, or broken? Scriptures, tips, and exercises to restore our broken imaginations

Pat Butler
Christians Writing for the General Market by Patrick E. Craig

This workshop will discuss some principles for writing for a general market audience such as: 1. Keeping a Christian worldview evident while avoiding preaching and “Christianese” language. 2. Keeping your work real and authentic while avoiding gratuitous sex and violence. 3. Letting your story reveal your faith, and more

Patrick E. Craig
The Value of Critique Groups by Eva Marie Everson

Writers need readers, but writers also need other writers who understand things like voice, point of view, character development, story development, theme and other elements of writing. Sharing our work with one another should be a finely tuned craft . . . and one not taken lightly. What can we learn from writing critique groups and what should we give? Where is the value and the worth? It’s right here.

Eva Marie Everson
The Creative Heart by Nancy Kay Grace

In “The Creative Heart,” Nancy Kay Grace will identity barriers to creativity, offer encouragement from 2 Corinthians 10:5 to take every thought captive, and reveal the characteristics for a creative heart with the acrostic H.E.A.R.T

Nancy Kay Grace
Courageous Collaboration: Risks and Rewards of Reaching Out to Others by CJ Hitz

CJ uses personal stories as well as stories from scripture to encourage Christian authors to consider collaborating with others. It takes courage to put ourselves and our books out there. With the help of God and others, our books have the opportunity to get in front of the right people at the right time!

CJ Hitz
Shine Like Stars: use your gifts to make an impact. by Beth Jones

There is only one, unique YOU! Each of us has specific spiritual gifts, talents, and skills that God wants to use for His glory. We are creatives because we were made in the image of our Creator God, who made light, darkness, the Earth, planets, man, animals, fish, flowers, trees, the ocean, mountains, and all beautiful things. Daniel 12:3 says, “Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens…like the stars forever and ever.” It’s time for you to shine as only you can, making an impact on the world

Beth Jones
What I Know to be True by Cheri Keaggy

When seasons of loss or grief come, it can be hard to find your creative rhythm. That’s when we have to hold to what we know to be true and trust God to provide inspiration and healing.

Cheri Keaggy
Maintain Focus on Your Purpose by Utilizing the SWOT Analysis Tool by Johnny McWilliams

As life happens, you can begin losing focus on your target and feel as if your goals are not aligned with the objective God has commanded you to pursue. But by assessing your goals and repositioning your aim, your target will become clearly in view again.

The SWOT Analysis tool has been used by business managers since the 1960’s to understand their company and maintain self-awareness. You can use it too, for your business, your finances, and your life. Let’s walk through the basics and implement this strategy today. You will soon be on your way to Zeroing In, maintaining focus, and staying centered on your God-given purpose

Coach Johnny McWilliams
How to Be a Great Podcast Guest by Eric Nevins

Podcast guesting is one of the most powerful promotion strategies available for creatives. Learn why you should embrace podcast guesting, best practices for being a guest, and how to find audience who serve your desired audience.

Eric Nevins
Dive Into Illustrating by Reanne Paul

Ever wonder about how book illustrations go from an idea to a published product? Join me, as I go through my journey of becoming an illustrator and author. You will get an inside look at how characters and scenes are developed, the importance of composition and style, as well as learning how to work with other authors. Come find out how stories come alive through illustration!

When God Says Shift by Shayna Rattler

A command to shift is something all believers experience at one point or another, especially when our professional roles are meant to glorify God. We can often find ourselves less passionate, feeling stagnant, or sensing that where we are in life is not where we should be. We also can accomplish everything we set out to do, but can’t fight the feeling that there is another level of success with our name on it.

It’s in these moments we must uncover why this is happening and what to do about it. This topic outlines the steps to gain clarity on what you want, what God wants for you, and create a clear action plan for going where you’re needed next.

Book Signing Events: One More Way to Connect with Your Target Audience by Lori Vober

There are many ways to communicate your message, market your product, and connect with your target audience. I have found great success in book signing events because not only is it an opportunity to sell my products, my books, I get to connect with both friends and strangers, share my story both verbally and through my postcard distribution, and collect new emails for my monthly newsletter through a drawing. This helps to build my platform. Each book signing event achieves several goals: connection with new people, platform building, message sharing, and product sales.

Putting Your Creative Idea on Paper by Rebecca White

You know what you want to show others to create but how do you translate that into directions for others to follow- especially for those without the skills and talents you have for creating your artform. Join Rebecca as she talks you through the stages of taking your idea and translating into written form to share with the world.

Inspiring Creativity in Children by Karen Whiting

Simple ideas that encourage children to come up with their own designs and ideas and build on them. One example is using chenille stems to make shapes, create a paper-folded diorama or puppet stage, and putting it together so the chenille stems become part of a performance.

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